F. Ann Rodriguez
Pima County Recorder

A Tucson native and graduate of Salpointe Catholic High School, F. Ann Rodriguez was the first ever Hispanic female to be elected to a countywide office in Pima County. In November 2016, Ann was re-elected to her seventh term as Recorder, and continues to be the single highest “vote-getter” of all Pima County elected officials.

During her administration, Ann has significantly automated and modernized the Pima County Recorder’s office. Archaic manual searches of records from books and microfilm, in place at the start of her tenure in 1993, have been replaced by updated, state-of-the-art computer equipment. Also since taking office, Ann has broadened the exposure to vote-by-mail and walk-in early voting with aggressive media campaigns and expanded satellite voting sites to raise public awareness of this convenient, voter-friendly method of casting a ballot. In 2008, the Permanent Early Voting List provision was implemented, allowing any registered voter in Pima County to sign up to automatically receive vote-by-mail ballots for all elections they are eligible for.

Because of her outstanding efforts for increasing voter participation in the 2002 Elections, Ann received two separate Special Recognition Awards in February 2003, one from Governor Janet Napolitano and one from the Tucson Chapter of the League of Women Voters. In 2004, Ann received the Arizona Democratic Party’s second place “Democrat of the Year” award for her work in 2003. Also in 2004, Ann was inducted into the Arizona Democratic Party Hall of Fame. In 2012, Ann was recognized by The League of United Latino American Citizens (LULAC) with their Silver Award. She was also recognized for her role in the voting process in Pima County by the NAACP in 2012. Most recently, Ann received the Steve Emerine Election Integrity Award from the Democrats of Greater Tucson in September of 2016.

Ann hails from a long-established Arizona family, having continued in her family-owned business prior to her election. She has always believed in giving back to her community by sitting on a number of boards, such as Kids Voting, Parent Aid Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse, YWCA, El Centro Cultural de las Americas, and the Arizona Association of County Recorders, to name a few. Ann also served a two year term of service on the Arizona Power Plant and Transmission Line Siting Committee, representing all of the counties in Arizona.

Ann has long been a community proponent and activist, and has been honored by a number of organizations for her dedication and service, including the Distinguished Service Award from the Hispanic fraternity Omega Delta Phi; the Outstanding Citizen’s Support Award from the Gang Intelligence Team Enforcement Mission (GITEM); the Greater Tucson Leader Award; the Salpointe Alumni Service Award for Outstanding Community Service; and the nomination for the YWCA Women on the Move Award.