Ballot by Mail Request

How to request a ballot by mail when there is an election you are eligible for:
  • Online Request click here...
  • Request by phone - call us at (520) 724-4330.
  • Request by mail - print a PDF link PDF form
  • NOTE: Voters can request an Early Ballot for the November 8, 2022, General Election starting on Monday, August 7. The last day to request an Early Ballot is Friday, October 28. If you miss the deadline, you can go to any Early Voting site from Monday, October 12, through Friday, November 4, and request an Early Ballot, or you go to any Vote Center on Election Day to cast your ballot.

A separate request must be made for each person requesting a ballot by mail. Primary and General Election ballots may be ordered on the same request form. All other elections must be ordered on separate request forms.

How to return your voted ballot by mail:

Place your voted ballot inside the white affidavit envelope, sealing and signing it. Place the white affidavit envelope inside the yellow postage paid return envelope, sealing and writing your return address on it. Return it to us by doing one of the following:

  • Mail to Pima County Recorder, P.O. Box 3145, Tucson AZ 85702-3145
  • Deliver in person to 240 N Stone Avenue
  • Drop it off at any Early Voting Site or Curbside Ballot Drop-off Site.
  • Drop it off at any Pima County polling place on election day.

You must sign the ballot affidavit envelope in order for your ballot to be processed. Ballots must be returned by 7:00 PM on election day.

Who may request a ballot by mail:
  • You must be registered to vote at least 29 days before the election day.
  • You must be 18 years of age on or before the day of the election.
  • You must reside within the jurisdiction to qualify to vote for that election.
  • To check if you are eligible for any elections at this time.
When to request ballot by mail:

Ballots by mail may be requested up to 90 days before the election. The last day to request a ballot by mail is 11 days prior to the election. Requests must be received by the Pima County Recorder's Office prior to 5:00 PM on that date.

When to expect your ballot by mail:

Beginning 26 days prior to an election, ballots by mail are processed and mailed within 48 hours after receipt of your request.

What to do if you have damaged your ballot by mail:
Contact our office at (520) 724-4330.
Military Personnel stationed outside of Arizona/the United States: click here.
Voters traveling/residing outside the United States: click here.