Our next Voter Registration training session will be Tuesday, November 21. Click here to sign up. If you have any questions, please email us at Outreach@Recorder.Pima.gov.

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Voter Registration Workshops

The Pima County Recorder’s Office offers voter registration training for groups, organizations and individuals. Learn about:

  • Requirements for registration
  • Early registration for teens
  • Registration and felony convictions
  • Voting by mail, and more!
Each workshop is 30-45 minutes long, with time for questions. Workshops are available virtually, in person at your location and quarterly at our Downtown Office, 240 North Stone.

If interested, please contact our Outreach Team.

Pima County Recorder’s Office

Future Voters

More and more young voters are making their voices heard, thanks to efforts by our Outreach Team.

At community events, we teach children how voting works and why it is important.

We let them cast ballots on things that are important to them, like their Favorite Pet, Best Superpower, Favorite Ice Cream and Favorite Book.

Here are the results from some recent Kids Elections.

Pascua Yaqui Tribe Recognition Day Celebration, 9/16/23

Favorite Pet Favorite Ice Cream Favorite Book
Dog 41 Chocolate28 The Very Hungry Caterpillar33
Cat19 Strawberry 22 Green Eggs and Ham30
Bird 5 Vanilla 15 Dog Man 1
Fish 2 Cookies & Cream1  
  Mint Chip1   
Total67 67 64

Sells Recreation Center & Ajo-Salazar Library, 8/3-4/23

Favorite Pet Favorite Ice Cream Favorite Book
Cat 6 Chocolate7 The Very Hungry Caterpillar7
Dog6 Strawberry 3 Green Eggs and Ham6
Cobra 1 Vanilla 2  
Bird 0 Rainbow sherbet1  
Total13 13 13

Back to School Bash, Pisinemo Recreation Center, 7/28/23

Favorite Pet Favorite Ice Cream Favorite Book
Cat 15 Chocolate15 Green Eggs and Ham 24
Dog10 Strawberry 8 The Very Hungry Caterpillar8
Bird6 Vanilla 7  
Fish 2 Cookies & Cream1  
Monkey 1     
Total34 31 32

Pride in the Plaza 2023, Bashas Plaza, 6/30/23

Favorite Pet Favorite Ice Cream Favorite Book
Dog 12 Chocolate11 The Very Hungry Caterpillar15
Cat9 Strawberry 9 Green Eggs and Ham8
Bird4 Vanilla 6 Grumpy Unicorn 1
Fish 1 Mint1 Jack and the Cuckoo Clock Heart1
Total27 27 25

Juneteenth Festival 2023, Kino Sports Complex, 6/17/23

Favorite Pet Favorite Ice Cream Favorite Book
Dog 19 Vanilla11 Green Eggs and Ham16
Cat9 Chocolate11 The Very Hungry Caterpillar14
Fish2 Strawberry9 Magic Tree House1
Lizard1 Watermelon1 Projekt 1065: A World War II Novel1
Reptiles1   Shiloh1
Total32 31 33

Children's Day Celebration, Pueblo Park, 4/29/23,

Favorite Pet Favorite Ice Cream Favorite Book
Dog41 Chocolate26 The Very Hungry Caterpillar34
Cat12 Vanilla21 Green Eggs and Ham29
Fish7 Strawberry18 Beauty and the Beast 1
Bird 6 Vanilla-Chocolate mix 1 Snow White 1
Total66 66 65

Earth Day, Children's Museum Tucson, 4/22/23,

Favorite Pet Favorite Ice Cream Favorite Book
Dog17 Chocolate 13 The Very Hungry Caterpillar15
Cat12 Vanilla16 Green Eggs and Ham15
Fish 7 Strawberry 5 Water Ship Down 1
Bird 6 Mint-Chocolate mix 1 No Matter What1
Total43 35 32

Family Fun Day, Reid Park, 4/1/23,

Favorite Ice Cream Best Superpower
Chocolate 29 Invisibility30
Vanilla23 Flying15
Oreo3 Telekinesis/Mind Power1
Chocolate Fudge 1 Super Speed1
Mint Chocolate 1 Laser 1
Strawberry 1  
Peanut Butter Cup 1  
Praline and Cream 1  
Total60 48