Pima County Government Access

  1. Each employee within a Pima County department that needs access to Subscriber Services must complete the Recorder's Subscriber Access User Guidelines for.
  2. Each employee who requests access will be assigned a password that should not be shared with other employees.
  3. The Subscriber Access User Guidelines form must be signed by the Department Director.
  4. The forms must be transmitted to the Pima County Recorder's office as a group, all at the same time.
  5. A memo on the department letterhead signed by the Department Director, identifying each employee who is to be given access, must accompany the forms.
  6. Upon receipt of these forms, we will assign each employee their personal password, and will forward this information to the Department Director for distribution to your employees.
  7. Requests for access will be accepted only in January and June of each year.
  8. Departments must notify the Recorder's Office when an employee who has been provided authorization leaves the department and/or county within 10 days after their last day of employment. Even if an employee is transferring to another county department, we must be notified.