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Detailed instructions on searching and purchasing a document online can be found in our Public Search & Document Purchasing Instructions

Recording information is available for document sequence # 19821170001* to 20230890376 representing dates 4/27/1982* to 3/30/2023.

Original documents can be purchased, emailed, mailed or picked up in our office. Please allow 2 days for emailed documents and 7 for documents sent via mail.

Unofficial, low resolution, watermarked copies are not acceptable for recording purposes. Any attachments must be high resolution, clean copies.

*The dates and sequence numbers referenced above are updated as indexed (searchable) information is made available.

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Documents recorded prior to 4/27/1982* have not yet been digitally indexed. We are in the process of indexing the historic documents. The historic indexing and images will be released periodically as we get the indexing completed. Once that occurs, the indexing information will be made available to the public. So, please be aware that the dates and sequence numbers referenced above will change without notice. Images of historic records may be viewed during business hours at the Recorder’s office locations, 240 N Stone Avenue or 6920 East Broadway Blvd, Suite D, Tucson.