Request for Voter Data

To receive a list of voters in Pima County, the following procedures must be followed:

  1. Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.)§16-168.E states in pertinent part:
    “information derived from [voter] registration forms may be used only for purposes relating to a political or political party activity, a political campaign or an election, for revising election district boundaries or for any other purpose specifically authorized by law and may not be used for a commercial purpose as defined in section 39-121.03. The sale of registers, lists and information derived from registration forms to a candidate or a registered political committee for a use specifically authorized by this subsection does not constitute use for a commercial purpose."

  2. A Pima County Voter Registration Data Request Form must be completed and signed by the candidate or registered committee chairperson, and submitted to the Pima County Recorder’s office. A registered political committee must submit a copy of the Statement of Organization on file with the appropriate authority, disclosing the name of the committee officers; or provide the Federal P.A.C. number.

  3. A check made payable to the Pima County Recorder for ½ the fees must be submitted by the candidate or committee at the time the Voter Registration Data Request Form is submitted to the Pima County Recorder. To determine the necessary fees, go to the Voter Totals by District or the Voter Totals by Precinct pages on this website. These pages will give you the number of voters in the desired area.

  4. A.R.S. §16-168.E states that the county recorder, on a request for an authorized use, shall produce the information within thirty days from the receipt of the request. The Pima County Recorder’s Office will provide the information to the requesting party as soon as practicable within the thirty-day timeframe, taking into consideration election activities and other statutory deadlines.

  5. For further information, please call the Pima County Recorder's Office at (520) 724-4330.