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Recorded document images are available in our office or on-line with a subscription. Subscriptions to view and download images are available on a pre-paid basis only. If you are interested in becoming a subscriber select the Subscription information for image access link below.

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Images are currently available from sequence number 19821670001* to 20213341590.
Images are available from 6/16/1982* to 11/30/2021.

Images prior to sequence number 19821670001* have not yet been digitally indexed. We are in the process of indexing the historic documents. The historic indexing and images will be released periodically as we get the indexing completed. Once that occurs, the indexing information will be made available to the public. So, please be aware that the dates and sequence numbers referenced above will change without notice. Images of historic records may be viewed during business hours at the Recorder’s office locations, 240 N Stone Ave or 6920 East Broadway Blvd, Suite D, Tucson.

* The dates and sequence numbers referenced above will be updated as the indexes are made available.

New Service Available for Web Customers

When you have recording information for a historical document prior to the sequence number and date shown above, you can email with the docket and page number and we can send you the document back by email. Your account will be charged $1 per page and $1 for processing.

*Please be sure the Recorder’s office has your
current contact information and email address on file.*

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Subscribers: We highly recommend that you send in your payments by Express Courier or Priority Mail due to the high volume of mail received by the Recorder's Office.