Electronic Recording

All documents submitted prior to 5:00 pm MST-AZ will have a recording date effective the date of submission Documents submitted after 3:00 pm MST-AZ may not be processed until the following business morning

The Pima County Recorder’s Office provides Electronic Recording, a much faster and more efficient process than physical paper recording, per the following Arizona Act and Statute.

PDF Arizona Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act

Arizona State statute A.R.S. §§ 11-487

Advantages of E-Recording

  • Reduced labor, materials, postage and courier costs
  • Shortened time gap to recordation
  • Fewer document errors and rejections
  • Increased security in sending and receiving documents
  • Improved tracking and filing of documents

The following third party providers are currently offering e-recording in Pima County. As we add third party providers, we will update the choices here. If you are interested in e-recording, please contact one of the providers below.

Data Services, Inc.
Phone: 520-618-7411
Website: www.dsipro.com
Email: info@dsipro.com

eRecording Partners Network
Phone: 888-325-3365
Website: www.erecordingpartners.net
Email: sales@erecordingpartners.net

CSC eRecording Solutions
Kevin Kinderman
Phone: 866-652-0111
Website: www.cscglobal.com
Email: erecording@cscglobal.com

Phone: 800-460-5657
Website: www.simplifile.com
Email: sales@simplifile.com

If you have questions for the Pima County Recorder’s Office on e-recording, please call 520-724-9003 or email Karen.Nelson@recorder.pima.gov