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Recording Fees

I.  THE FEE FOR RECORDING the documents as listed below will increase as of July 3, 2015 as follows:
A.  Each deed that transfers, conveys or affects an interest in real property $15.00  
B.  Each deed of trust or mortgage $25.00  
C.  Each release of deed of trust or mortgage  $10.00  
II.  ALL OTHER INSTRUMENTS, unless otherwise specified  $9.00  
Other Additional Charges:  
A.  In accordance with A.R.S. 11-475.E, a $1.00 postage fee shall be charged to return the document by mail. $1.00  
B.  Each additional page over 5 pages  $1.00  
C.  Maximum charge with additional pages   $259.00  
D.  Extra dockets (i.e. more than one cross-reference to another document) $3.00  
E.  Beneficiaries disclosure on any document $3.00  
F.  Multiple transactions in title $3.00  
G.  Affidavit of Property Value - This form is available here $2.00  
H.  Fee to return documents improperly submitted for recordation. $ 5.00  
A.  Each additional page over 5 pages  $.50  
IV.  MILITARY DISCHARGE A.R.S. 11-465 No Charge  
A.  UCC-1 Financing Statement  $9.00  
1. With real property or assignee  $12.00  
2. With assignee and property  $15.00  
B.  UCC-2 Financing Statement Change 
1. Continuation, Assignment, Amendment  $9.00  
2. Partial Release   $9.00  
a) With real property   $12.00  
3. Release, Satisfaction, Termination  $7.00  
a) With real property   $10.00  
C.  UCC-3 Search (per name)  $10.00  
1. Each financing statement found or assigned  $1.00  
2. Copies (per page)   $1.00  
VI.  COPIES OF RECORDS (per page)  $1.00  
A.  Certification of copies of records (per document)  $3.00  
VIII.  MAPS AND PLATS (per sheet) 
A.  Subdivision plats or maps (24" x 36")  $24.00  
1. Each additional sheet  $20.00  
B.  Survey and all other maps (18" x 24" or 24" x 36")  $24.00  
1. Each additional sheet  $20.00  
  C.  Government agencies (first sheet)  $14.00  
1. Each additional sheet  $10.00  

The Recorder’s Office sells blank forms for certain types of documents at both of its locations. A list of available forms can be found at Forms For Sale

We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, cash, checks or money orders made payable to Pima County Recorder.

Please note: Checks must be pre-printed with your name and address

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