Active Early Voter List (AEVL)

What is the Active Early Voter List?
While enrolled in the list, you will automatically receive an Early Voting Ballot for every election that you are eligible to participate in.
There are two ways to be added to the Active Early Voter List:
  1. Make a written request specifically asking to be on this list.
  2. Update your voter registration on Service Arizona and either add or remove yourself from the Active Early Voter List. The link for that is
Once you choose to be included on this list, you will remain on this list unless any one of the following things occurs:
  1. You fill out a Cancel My Registration form Cancel My Registration form.
  2. Mail sent to you is returned by the Postal Service marked undeliverable
  3. You update your voter registration at
  4. You fill out the Remove My Name from the AEVL form.
  5. You fail to vote an early ballot in all elections for two consecutive election cycles. (More on this below.)
What happened to the PEVL?
On May 11, 2021, Governor Ducey signed into law Senate Bill 1485 which amends A.R.S. § 16-544 changing the requirements for voters to remain on the PEVL. The Secretary of State has since renamed the list to Active Early Voting List
What changed with the new law?
The only thing that changed with the new law is that the list is no longer "permanent."
The law requires the removal of a voter from the Active Early Voter List if "the voter fails to vote an early ballot in all elections for two consecutive election cycles" and doesn’t respond to notification from our office.
Here’s how that will work:
  1. If a voter doesn’t vote a single time for two statewide election cycles (4 years), our office will send a notice to that voter with a form attached.
  2. At that time, the voter will fill out the form and confirm that they wish to remain on Active Early Voter List or, if they wish, they will be removed. If the voter fails to fill out the form, they will be removed from the Active Early Voter List.
Once on this list, you will receive notice before any election in March or August that will include:
  • The dates of the next two upcoming elections.
  • The dates that your ballots are expected to be mailed.
  • The address where the ballots will be mailed.
The notice will allow you to:
  • Elect not to receive an early ballot for one or both elections.
  • To update either your residence or mailing address.
  • Ask that your ballot be mailed to a different address.
  • Or to remove yourself from the list entirely
  • Select primary party ballot (only if the upcoming election is a partisan primary election and you are not registered as a member of one of the recognized political parties participating in the election.
Please note:If you are on the Active Early Voting list, Arizona law requires your mailing address must be within the state of Arizona. You may submit a Ballot By Mail Request and ask that individual ballots be mailed to an address outside of Arizona, but you must do so for each election. Military and overseas voters are exempt from this restriction.
If I am removed from the Active Early Voter List, am I no longer registered?
No. You simply will not automatically receive an Early Ballot. You may still submit a Ballot By Mail Request at any time .
How do I remove myself from Active Early Voter List?

To be removed from the Active Early Voting List / Vote-by-Mail Ballot, please fill out the PDF AEVL removal form and mail it to the address specified on the form. You can also update your registration at